COVID-19 Update for our Customers

Robotiquality would like to thank our customers and employees for their trust.  It is a tremendous privilege to be providing essential technology services for so many and helping improve the Robotiquality community.

Safety is Robotiquality’s priority.  This month, we’ve implemented even more measures to ensure our employees and customers are as safe as possible during this time.  Due to Covid-19, Robotiquality closed its main office and is now 100% remote. Additionally, we are planning on starting a permanent remote work-from-home opportunity if our employees so choose.  We’re using Zoom conference calls (Zoom parties!) to meet, plan and solve all aspects of our customer’s technological needs.  Before the pandemic, we excelled at being on the leading edge of technology and innovation in terms of job opportunity, and now with COVID-19 we have proven that we can balance and blaze new opportunities in re-creating and improving the modern work environment.  While we transition to this ‘new normal’, we ask for your patience.

For those of us who must conduct on-site visits, new management strategies are being implemented.  For now, we’re following CDC guidelines and distributing PPE.

Together, we will get through this.